Sarah Jean Knox

Wife. Mom.
Multi-Passionate mompreneur.


Hey There, Friend! I’m Sarah Jean.

I’m a mom, wife and multi-passionate business owner based in Minnesota who wants to help moms who want to run a business while running after their littles at the same time. I love reading and learning about building and growing businesses, but after becoming a mom I realized that growing a business with tiny people tugging at your pant leg looks a lot different than growing a business without those added responsibilities. As moms, we have to work smarter because we are already working harder. We have to find ways to make our business work for us rather than having to revolve our lives around the business. We are always looking for balance and while it will never look perfect, there are tools to make it easier.

I’ve had my own business as a fundraising event auctioneer for over a decade and my business more than doubled after I had kids. Something about becoming a mom, gave my business a greater sense of purpose. I knew that in order to stay home with my little ones without making a boat load of sacrifices, I had to grow my business. So I did. There wasn’t any other option for me.

I know I’m not the only mom who saw that running a successful business out of my home was going to be the key to me getting to be with my kids as much as I wanted. I was not interested in going back to a corporate job that I hated (and wasn’t all that great at) just to pay someone else to watch my beautiful babies. Heck no! Us moms can do anything when we set our mind to it. So that’s why I created this site for you, dear friend. I want to walk along side you and help you find a way to stay home with your littles without having to make a ton of sacrifices. Don’t get me wrong, you may have to sacrifice binging Netflix or scrolling mindlessly on instagram, but you will replace it with soul-filling work. You will be using your strengths and gifts to help other people so well that they will pay you cash money to do it! Can you even imagine? Getting paid to do something you are already doing while getting to spend your days at the park and playing with legos? It’s possible, mama. We’re going to do it together.

If you were visiting and meant to find my auctioneering website…. you can find that here.