Is Beautycounter a MLM?

Is Beautycounter an MLM? Is Beautycounter a Pyramid Scheme? Beautycounter Direct Sales

Q. Is Beautycounter a MLM?

This is a common question I get about Beautycounter. People feel a little wary of MLMs and I get it, because I was too. So here’s the skinny on Beautycounter’s business model.

Answer: No.

No. Beautycounter is not technically a “Multi-Level Marketing” company. They are considered a direct sales company. This means that Beautycounter, relies on consultants to help their client base. Beautycounter has been growing tremendously in the last 5 years and their growing team of consultants helps curious customers find the products that best fit their needs.

What is the difference between “MLM” and “Direct Sales” companies?

An MLM requires you to build a team in order to grow your business, where as a Direct Sales model allows you to run your business by just selling, however you can grow a team to build a stream of residual income.

Beautycounter offers a peer-to-peer sales model which is currently changing the industry. As Beautycounter Founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew always says:

“Our story is best told person to person”

Gregg Renfrew

How do Beautycounter consultants make money?

Beautycounter consultants make money through facilitating sales between clients and the company. They can do this in person through “Pop-ups” or online through their personal website (kind of line an affiliate link). Consultants earn 25%-35% on the product they sell (the more they sell, the larger the commission).

Beautycounter is similar to (and sometime mistaken as) an MLM because consultants do earn money when their team starts selling products as well. Consultants can earn 5%-9% off their team’s sales.

The idea is that when you build a team, you are also mentoring them and helping your team member’s be successful. I personally spend half the time on my business coaching my team members so they have the tools they need to succeed, and I spend the other half of my time growing my personal business through selling and helping my clients get what they need.

Want to learn why Beautycounter chose the “Direct Sales” Model? Watch this inspiring video by our Founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew:

Does Target Sell Beautycounter?

Does Target Sell Beautycounter Products? | Target Beautycounter

Q. Does Target sell Beautycounter?

This seems to be a common question. Because when a lot of people hear “Beautycounter” they’re like, “wait, I feel like I recognize that name. Can’t I get that at Target?


No, Target does not sell Beautycounter.

However, for a short time, Beautycounter had a partnership with Target where they sold Beautycounter products. Gregg Renfrew, Founder and CEO, has grown this company in smart and strategic ways and one of those ways was to create Beautycounter for Target, which was a limited time partnership back in 2016. Like you, I remember seeing it in the store and seeing consultants repping the products in the store.

It is because of strategic partnerships and other creative branding moves that has helped to grow Beautycounter into the brand everyone is curious about. In 2018, more people googled “Beautycounter” than any other beauty brand. This is no coincidence. The Beautycounter leadership is very strategic about how they present this brand and how they get their products into people’s hands. They currently have one flagship store in SOHO NYC, but other than that, they rely on direct sales consultants to help facilitate sales and ensure that their clients are served.

How can you buy Beautycounter products?

Currently, you can buy them online or directly through a consultant (shameless plug, I am a consultant and can help you get what you need, just contact below). Currently Beautycounter has one store in SOHO NYC where shoppers can stop in and feel the products first hand.

Makeup and skincare is really personal, which is why the consultant direct sales model is so effective. Each customer gets hands on service and consultation for their skincare needs. If you are looking to buy Beautycounter, but are unsure of it or need assistance, you can always contact me below and I will set you up.

Don’t want to deal with a consultant, but need some help with skincare? Try taking Beautycounter’s skincare quiz right here to find out which line best fits your needs.

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To learn more about why Beautycounter chose the Direct Sales Model, watch this video.

What does a Beautycounter Consultant do?

What does a Beautycounter Consultant do?

Q. What Does a Beautycounter Consultant Do?

“What do you do when you are working on your Beautycounter Business?” This is probably most common question I get from people. From the outside it looks like all I do is post things on social media, which I do some of that, but there is so much more to this business.


Maintain Client Relationships

Beautycounter is a Direct Sales company, meaning they rely on consultants across the US to help facilitate sales with their customers. Beautycounter already has a lot of brand recognition, but because skincare and makeup is so personal, customers are looking for help finding what is the best fit for them.

So in order to grow my business, I need to spend time cultivating those relationships. I do this in many ways: sharing solutions to common skincare problems on social media, following up to make sure my clients understand how to use the products they are using and see if I can solve any other problems for them.

Introduce Products to Potential New Clients

Some of the ways I do this is by asking people if they would like to try any samples which means I get to have a conversation with them about their skin and help them find the right samples for their skin. I follow up with them a couple days later to see what they liked most about it and often times get to help them purchase the products that will help them.

Another popular way to introduce potential clients to the products is to something we call “Drop-Offs” where I will bring product to someone’s house and let them use it for a couple days. When I need to pick it up, I get to ask them questions about how they liked it and answer questions they have about Beautycounter. It’s a very natural and non-salesy way to get safer products in the hands of people.

I will talk about this in the next point, but hosting Pop-Ups is the best way to help new people try the products because it gathers a lot of people together to educate them on safer beauty and let them touch and feel the products first hand!

Host Pop-Ups

We do pop-up shops to share the product. This is where we can display the product and share with people why safer products are so important. Because the only way to buy Beautycounter products is either online or through a consultant, clients love the pop-ups because they get the chance to touch and feel the product themselves.

I personally don’t host that many pop-ups, maybe one a month, because I already have another business that takes me out of the home several nights a week, and in order to prioritize my family I choose not to host many socials. The consultants who do host more socials, make more money quicker than I did.

Educate people on safer beauty

I use my social media, specifically a facebook group, to educate my network on why safer beauty is important and give them practical solutions which is sometimes (but not always) a Beautycounter product. Beautycounter believes that we should lead with education, and provide a solution through product. Their hope is that one, through advocacy, that all beauty brands will be held to the same standard that Beautycounter holds themselves to.

Introduce People to the Business Opportunity

I joined this company because I loved the products, yes. However, I can buy products full price, I’m not in it for the discount. I joined Beautycounter because I saw the potential for an incredible business opportunity.

Why Beautycounter is an awesome business opportunity:

  1. You control your own success

  2. You sell products people are already curious about and actively looking for. Did you know Beautycounter was the number one googled beauty brand in 2018? People WANT these products and as a consultant you get to help them!

  3. The mentorship model sets you up for success. While, Beautycounter is technically not an MLM, it does have a mentorship model, meaning when you join as a consultant, you get assigned to a mentor who will walk with you and show you how to meet YOUR goals.

I share the opportunity with people in a variety of ways.

  1. Bringing it up naturally in conversation. People ask me what I do all the time. It’s the first question in small talk, so I just tell them.

  2. I reach out to people who I think this business would bless or who I think would be exceptional at it. This gig isn’t for everyone. I get that, but I wish someone would have told me about it like 2 years sooner, so I make sure I let everyone at least have the opportunity.

  3. Share on social media. On instagram, specifically, I share my life and all the things we do. For example, I shared how we paid off our SUV faster because of my side hustles, which includes Beautycounter and it naturally led into sharing about how Beautycounter can help other people pay of debt faster.

  4. People come to me. Several people on my team are people who I knew in high school or in college, who have been curious about Beautycounter, but didn’t know anyone who was a consultant, so they reached out to me and asked me about my experience and I just shared very honestly about what I do and how it’s going for me.

Coaching Team Members

Now that my team has grown, I spend of my time on-boarding new consultants and helping them find ways to meet their goals. As a leader in this company it is important to me that when someone chooses to start a business on my team, that they feel equipped to run and grow their own business. To learn more about my mentorship program, you can go here.

Have more questions, about becoming a Beautycounter consultant? Shoot me an email and I’ll answer them below.

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