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Does Target Sell Beautycounter?

Does Target Sell Beautycounter Products? | Target Beautycounter

Q. Does Target sell Beautycounter?

This seems to be a common question. Because when a lot of people hear “Beautycounter” they’re like, “wait, I feel like I recognize that name. Can’t I get that at Target?


No, Target does not sell Beautycounter.

However, for a short time, Beautycounter had a partnership with Target where they sold Beautycounter products. Gregg Renfrew, Founder and CEO, has grown this company in smart and strategic ways and one of those ways was to create Beautycounter for Target, which was a limited time partnership back in 2016. Like you, I remember seeing it in the store and seeing consultants repping the products in the store.

It is because of strategic partnerships and other creative branding moves that has helped to grow Beautycounter into the brand everyone is curious about. In 2018, more people googled “Beautycounter” than any other beauty brand. This is no coincidence. The Beautycounter leadership is very strategic about how they present this brand and how they get their products into people’s hands. They currently have one flagship store in SOHO NYC, but other than that, they rely on direct sales consultants to help facilitate sales and ensure that their clients are served.

How can you buy Beautycounter products?

Currently, you can buy them online or directly through a consultant (shameless plug, I am a consultant and can help you get what you need, just contact below). Currently Beautycounter has one store in SOHO NYC where shoppers can stop in and feel the products first hand.

Makeup and skincare is really personal, which is why the consultant direct sales model is so effective. Each customer gets hands on service and consultation for their skincare needs. If you are looking to buy Beautycounter, but are unsure of it or need assistance, you can always contact me below and I will set you up.

Don’t want to deal with a consultant, but need some help with skincare? Try taking Beautycounter’s skincare quiz right here to find out which line best fits your needs.

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To learn more about why Beautycounter chose the Direct Sales Model, watch this video.