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Is Beautycounter a MLM?

Is Beautycounter an MLM? Is Beautycounter a Pyramid Scheme? Beautycounter Direct Sales

Q. Is Beautycounter a MLM?

This is a common question I get about Beautycounter. People feel a little wary of MLMs and I get it, because I was too. So here’s the skinny on Beautycounter’s business model.


Beautycounter is considered a direct retail company. This means that while Beautycounter, relies on consultants to help their client base, it is not the only channel in which customers can purchase products. Beautycounter has been growing tremendously in the last 5 years and their growing team of consultants helps curious customers find the products that best fit their needs. Customers can also purchase products directly from the website, through their various temporary partnerships they’ve had with with companies like Goop, Target and J. Crew, or at one of their retail locations (currently only in SOHO, NYC and soon to be opened in Denver).

Do you have to grow a team with Beautycounter?

The Direct Sales model allows you to run your business by just selling, however you can grow a team to build a stream of residual income.

Beautycounter offers a peer-to-peer sales model which is currently changing the industry. As Beautycounter Founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew always says:

“Our story is best told person to person”

Gregg Renfrew

How do Beautycounter consultants make money?

Beautycounter consultants make money through facilitating sales between clients and the company. They can do this in person through “Pop-ups” or online through their personal website (kind of line an affiliate link). Consultants earn 25%-35% on the product they sell (the more they sell, the larger the commission).

Beautycounter is similar to an MLM because consultants do earn money when their team starts selling products as well. Consultants can earn 5%-9% off their team’s sales, however you can have a Beautycounter business without ever growing a team.

The idea is that when you build a team, you are also mentoring them and helping your team member’s be successful. I personally spend half the time on my business coaching my team members so they have the tools they need to succeed, and I spend the other half of my time growing my personal business through selling and helping my clients get what they need.

Want to learn why Beautycounter chose the “Direct Sales” Model? Watch this inspiring video by our Founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew:

Thinking about Beautycounter, but you want a business that is authentic to YOU?

You are intrigued by Beautycounter, I get it! It seems different than other direct sales companies out there and this is a product you can get behind, but there is something holding you back. Maybe it’s the stigma of doing direct sales or being associated with an MLM-esque business. Maybe you are worried you will fail or won’t be able to commit to it. Perhaps you’ve started other companies that are similar and it hasn’t worked out. I hear you and totally understand your fears, but can I tell you: you can do this and you SHOULD.

That little feeling in the pit of your stomach that says “Beautycounter seems different.” It is right. Beautycounter IS different. Did you know they are so committed to integrity that we aren’t even allowed to talk negatively about other companies? I love that! As a Beautycounter consultant, you get to educate people on safer and cleaner living and provide them a product that they can trust (and they will also love).

Beautycounter was the TOP GOOGLED beauty brand in 2018. This means people are ACTIVELY looking for information on this brand and need YOU to help them. They are being picked up in HUGE publications like this one in Forbes or this one in The New York Times or this one in InStyle. That barely scratches the surface.

If you are looking to start a side hustle (or full-time hustle) with Beautycounter, but want to be true to yourself and authentic in the process, I’d love to mentor you. If you want to learn more about what it would look like to be on my team, shoot me an email below, and we can talk about if this opportunity is right for you.

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