For the mama who has kids who are as different as night and day

I once was a mom of #2under2. That had it's many challenges. It's like having 2 babies, but babies who have different needs and are in two totally different developmental stages. In that first 6 months of having two under two, we all cried every single day. Then once my little one turned 1, it started to get easier and every day after that got easier and easier.

My kids are now 2 and 3 and they are BFFs, except when they are not.

This week I am the queen of Self-Doubt

Here just a few of the lies I heard this week:
"Literally anyone could raise your kids better than you."
"Who are you to teach anyone anything?"
"You will never make it in your career. Other people have been doing it longer and new talent is popping up every single day."