5 Things Fridays: What I'm loving, wearing, reading and drinking this week

Welcome to my new Friday series where I will share what I loved this week. Inspired by literally anyone else who does this same sort of post. I would be an idiot if I assumed I was the first rocket surgeon to come up with this brilliant idea to share things I liked with people who may or may not care, but for the sake of not needing to bother my husband with it anymore, I share it with you!  

I'll share a mix of things I'm reading, drinking, eating, wearing, doing, like for me, like for the kids, etc. Basically just things I liked this week. Enjoy! 

Dear Stretch Jeans, I think its time we see other people

Dear Stretch Jeans, I think its time we see other people

Dear Stretch Denim,

You are a bad friend. You initially won me over with your yoga pants-esque elasticity and small size. I bought you at the height of salad season, so proud to own that tiny number on your tag. Then, as we moved into fall (aka carb season) together, you still hugged my waist and hips without judgement. You thought you were being kind, but you were just lying to me. Yesterday I put on your cool older sister, REAL JEANS, and that bitch told me I'd gotten fat. She was so mad at me, she refused to button. It hurt, but it was what I needed to hear. I'm sticking with thick, uncomfortable traditional denim from here on out. Stretch jeans, we had a good run, but I don't have room in my life for liars.