Gift Guide: Top Gifts For Your Favorite Girl Boss

Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for your favorite girl boss | Sarah Jean Knox creates resources for stay at home mompreneurs

Gift Guide

1o Gifts for your favorite Girl Boss

Do you have a favorite girl boss in your life? You probably love her for many reasons, but some of your favorite qualities are her go-get-er-ness, her ability to solve basically any problem in her way and her passion for life. Girls who boss hard don’t need much in terms of material things because they know there is more to life than things. They love their friends and family fiercely and are grateful for their opportunity to chase their dreams. And you love them. Note: this post contains affiliate links to products I love and use personally. Please see my affiliate disclaimer for more information.

So what do you get a girl who is fiercely independent and passionate who doesn’t need anything? Show her you support her business with a gift that will push her towards her goals!

I’ve compiled a list of things any #bossbabe would be excited to receive this year!

Photo from and Lara Casey Media

Photo from and Lara Casey Media

Powersheets $58

What are Powersheets? Only my favorite goal-setting system out there. Lara Casey has spent the past decade studying goal setting and creating a grace-filled system to help girlbosses set, break down and crush their goals. If your girl boss wants to grow her business in 2019, this would be a great gift to help her achieve her goals. If your lady wants to live an intentional life, this is a perfect gift for her! Buy PowerSheets Here

Audible Membership $14.95/month

Any lady in your life who is building a business is probably doing it with a baby on her hip or while working another 9-5. She doesn’t have time to sit and read a book. That’s a luxury for the nonambitious folks out there. Let her listen to her favorite personal development books while she drives to work, folds laundry, works out at the gym or creates spreadsheets. Through the end of December, you get 2 free audio books just to try it for FREE! If you need suggestions for your ambitious babe, comment below and I’ll give you my personal favorites. Nevermind, here they are: 4 Hour Work Week, Girl, Wash Your Face, The Success Principles or Building a Story Brand. Sign up for Audible Here.

Gym Membership with childcare- price varies

Approach this one very carefully, because without tact it could be taken the wrong way. But I stand by the gym being the best investment for any mompreneur. When you are raising kids and building a business it’s hard to find time to work on your business. With a gym membership, you get two hours of childcare a day! 2 HOURS! Not only can she spend time focusing on herself, but she can use the free wifi at the gym and work on her business while her kids are busy playing and having a blast!

Amazon echo - $25-$180

“Alexa, tell me what I need to do today.” As solopreneurs, we don’t have a personal assistant. Girlbosses are often multitasking and doing it all by themselves. Amazon’s Echo products will help her streamline and automate her life. We have an Amazon Show in our kitchen and I use it to create grocery lists, keep track of my schedule, to-do’s, look up recipes, listen to music on spotify and I have only scratched the surface of its capabilities.

Self-care items

Your girlboss takes care of so many people, places and things. It’s just the way she is. She LOVES to make sure everyone else is taken care of, so why don’t you give her permission to take care of her self. Show her you love her with some self-care items. I love this balancing facial mask by Beautycounter. I also personally ask for this Volcano Candle every single year. Other great suggestions would be a pedicure, massage or other spa services! Give her permission to love on herself this year.

StitchFix $25-$300

StitchFix is a subscription clothing service, which will send her 5 items that fit her style and her life. A personal stylist will take a look at her style preferences and check out her Pinterest board and hand pick a look just for her. As someone who is busy building a business and likely chasing after littles or working another job, she probably doesn’t have time to keep up with fashion too. This is a perfect way to refresh her wardrobe and give her a renewed sense of confidence! Sign up for StitchFix here. They also style men and children, in case you want to try it for the whole fam!

Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for your favorite girl boss | Sarah Jean Knox creates resources for stay at home mompreneurs
Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for your favorite girl boss | Sarah Jean Knox creates resources for stay at home mompreneurs


Keep her organized in 2019. A good planner will help her stay focused on her goals and do all the things she wants to do. I have personally purchased a Day Designer for the past couple years and have loved it. Another favorite of mine and other ambitious babes is the Simplified planner. If your lady is not a traditional pen and paper person, I recommend springing for the Amazon Echo to hook up with her calendar and to-do list on her phone.

Cleaning Service - $200+

She want’s to “do it all",” but frankly can’t do it all. Help her focus on what she cares about most by outsourcing the world’s worst thing ever: cleaning. Even though my husband and I share the cleaning load, we occasionally hire it out to a cleaner so we can use our precious time as a family or building our businesses. In the past I have hired my cleaners through thumbtack because they send me bids and I can schedule their services so easily! You can even find someone to do laundry for you. Talk about a dream come true!

Stay-Cation $100+

Give her a gift card to a local boutique hotel where she can spend the night alone and unwind. She can have some peace and quiet to focus on her business or take a shower without anyone barging in to take a dump (#momlife) or just sit and watch HGTV with room service all night long! Let’s be honest, that’s really what any bossmom wants. One night alone and she will come back energized and renewed and ready to take on the world!

A heartfelt card - free

Get her a card and spend your sweet-ass time writing her a note about everything you love about her. Tell her how proud you are of her and thank her for everything she adds to your life. This may go further than anything else money could buy.

Now, go love on your girl boss and let her know you appreciate her!

Any questions about these gift ideas, let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure I answer them for you so you have what you need in time for the Holidays!