Types of Businesses for Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want to Earn Money while Raising Their Kids Fulltime

Types of Businesses for Stay-at-home moms who want to earn money while raising their kids fulltime | Sarah Jean Knox

So you are a stay-at-home mom, but also want to dabble in starting your own business and don’t know where to start? Well, dang girl, you came to the right spot, because I get it (and I’ve got some ideas for you).

If you are like me, you’ve dreamed of being a stay at home mom all your life. You expected your days to be filled with crafts and trips to the zoo and walking strollers around the lake with your other bff mom friends. Now, however, you are in the thick of it. Yes, you get to do the crafts and zoo and the walks, but you want something more (and that’s okay). You found out that it is hard to do lots of fun things with your littles because you are strapped from living on one income. Or maybe, you are struggling with the loss of part of your identity when you became a mother and you want something else to remind yourself that while being a mom is a big part of your identity, it’s not the only part of your identity.

Starting a business is a great way for stay-at-home moms to earn income or use your skills.

Starting a business is a great way to earn more money, or use your skills in a capacity outside of parenthood. The question is what type of mompreneur should you be? Luckily there are so many businesses that you can start and grow from your home with low financial investment and flexible time investment. Here are some ideas for you.

Types of Businesses for Stay-At-Home Moms

  1. Start a Blog

    Blogs are a great way to earn money from home. You can write about what you know and there are many ways to earn money from your blog. You can make deals with brands and create sponsored posts. You could sell products and services you already use and love as an affiliate for your favorite companies. You can also earn money through placing ads on your website where you will earn money every time someone visits and clicks the links. This is a business that takes very little money to start, but can grow into what you make it.

  2. Join a Direct Sales Business

    There are many companies out there that you can build a business as an independent sales consultant for them. Instead of having brick and mortar stores, these companies rely on their independent consultants to help customers decide what products will help them best. The best part is that you can start one of these businesses for a low investment which will provide you with training, a website and usually some of the products to get you started. I lead a sales team through Beautycounter, and it only takes our consultants $98 to start a Beautycounter business (and it comes with $81 worth of product). I know many other companies have similar start up costs as well.

  3. Become a consultant or coach

    Think of that thing your friends come to for advice. Do they ask you to come and help them organize their pantry? Become an organizational coach. Do they ask you about how to get Michelle Obama arms? Maybe fitness coaching is for you. Were you in your company’s HR department before you left to stay home with your kids? You resume and interview coaching. You don’t need to technically be an expert (you know with the 10,000 hours under your belt), but you do need to know more than the person you are coaching. That’s all. If you can organize a pantry better than me (which I guarantee you can), I could hire you to consult me through my kitchen cabinets.

  4. Physical Product Business

    Maybe you want a business that is scalable or you like to create things. If you like to create things you could open an etsy shop and sell your items on there to people all over the world. Maybe you like the idea of selling physical products, but don’t want to deal with the logistics of it. Consider starting an Amazon FBA business where Amazon handles the logistics and shipping for you. This is a business which is scalable, meaning if you can sell 1 product, you can sell 10. If you can sell 10 products, you can sell 100 and so on and so forth.

  5. Launch an online business

    Could I be any more cryptic? The term “online business” is so vague, but it’s because it could define so many things. You could sell courses online about a topic you are knowledgable about. I’ve personally purchased courses on how to have a productive morning, how to use storytelling for my business, how to effectively use affiliate marketing and many more. These courses have grown my business so I will continue to buy courses from people for as long as they keep making them. You could create digital products as well. People sell everything from fonts to printables to calendar templates to lighting presets for editing photos. The opportunities are endless, and when selling courses or digital products, you only have to make one and it could sell an infinite number of them allowing your business to scale as big as you want.

  6. Provide a service or freelancing business

    If you like to know how much money you are going to bring in each month, starting a service-based or freelance business may be right for you. You know if you work 5 hours, you’ll get paid for 5 hours. You could start a photography business, cleaning business, meal service business, graphic design business, copy editing business, and more. It doesn’t even need to be a skill you already have. You can learn a new skill anytime you want by taking online courses or watching YouTube videos for free.

Which of these sounds like good fit for you? Let me know in the comments which of these topics you’d like to hear more about, so I can create posts that will help you as you grow your business.

Types of businesses for stay at home moms who want to earn money while raising their kids fulltime