Welcome to Sarah Jean Knox: A place for stay at home moms who want to make an income while raising their kids full-time

Welcome & About me | A blog for stay at home moms who want to build business and earn income while raising their kids fulltime

Hey mama! Welcome to my site which is designed for stay at home moms who want to make an income while raising your kids fulltime.

Welcome and THANK you for visiting my new site. Maybe you are new to me, but maybe you are here because you followed along with my old Momming Is Hard blog. Either way, thank you for being here.

About Me: Sarah Jean Knox

our family | a place for stay at home moms who want to make an income while raising their family full time

Hi! I’m Sarah Jean. I am a mom of 2 and have owned my own business for the past 11 years. I am a fundraising event auctioneer who consults nonprofits and schools on how to hold profitable fundraising galas and I also conduct the auction and facilitate giving at their gala. Basically I help nonprofits raise a crap ton of money so they can make the world a better place.

Here’s why it might interest you

It is my “fulltime” job (meaning I make the equivalent to fulltime corporate salary), but I am a full-time stay at home mom. Meaning I don’t have any childcare or nanny’s helping me out and I get to spend most of my time playing at the park, eating meals with my kids, teaching them new things and stepping on legos (truly glamorous).

Having my own business as a stay at home mom has been the BIGGEST BLESSING of my life. I have always wanted to stay home with my kids, but I knew it was not realistic to live in a one-income household, so I knew I had to think outside of the box. When I set my mind on pursuing a life that allowed me to stay home with my kids and earn a living, I was able to be aware and jump on the opportunity to pursue a career as an auctioneer. It hasn’t always looked great or perfect. I haven’t grown as fast as could have if I had known now what I knew then, but I learned along the way and am proud of how far I’ve come in the past decade.

Other businesses:

I am always trying something new. I’ve done everything from run an Airbnb to my own etsy shop selling enamel pins (excuse the link for that shameless self-promotion) to growing a team with Beautycounter. My husband and I are always testing new ways to earn income that will allow us to spend more time as a family (because, it’s not just moms who want to spend more time with their kids).

What you can expect from this site

If you want to make some income or build a business while staying home with your kids, this blog is for you.
  1. Ideas and testimonials for businesses you can do while running after your tiny humans.

    Let’s be honest. As moms, the reason you don’t have a business isn’t because you are afraid of hard work. Hard Work might as well be your middle name. The problem is usually that you don’t know WHAT business to start or what to do once you get there. I want to help you with that. I want to help you learn how to assess your skills and find a way to get paid for them.

  2. How and when to run a business while you are also running after your tiny humans.

    Time management is a witch. You will read all the books on productivity and they will all recommend that you wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and meditate for infinity, exercise, drink your mushroom coffee and then do the biggest thing first. But as a mom, whenever you set your alarm to go off an hour early, one of your many offspring will find a way to wet their bed exactly 12 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off. So instead of starting your day off slow with intention, you are already doing laundry and soothing an upset preschooler. What were you supposed to do today? Who knows. Grab that coffee and tell everyone you have to poo so you can think for 3 minutes.

    It just looks different for moms. It’s not worse. It’s not easier. It’s just different. We just have to be more creative and intentional with the time we have. To be honest, this is not natural for me, which is why I am the perfect person to help you through it. I have had to work with what I have and figure out a way to run a business in my fringe hours with the least Type-A personality ever. Sound like you? Let’s be friends.

  3. Encouragement for when you want to give up and just go back to running after your Tiny Humans

    Running a business while being a fulltime stay at home mom is NO JOKE. You will feel lonely and isolated at times (and creative and inspired and on fire other times), but you must not give up. You will try things that won’t work (you will try more things that don’t work than the ones that do), but you must not give up. Let me tell you right now. There is no such thing as failing. There is only quitting. Do you understand? Every thought you will have on this journey, I have had before. Every identity crisis you will experience, I have also cried through. You will have all the feels on your journey, and when you do come here for encouragement. I will cheer you on and lift you up. I am always here praying for your success.

Thank you for being here. I can’t wait to build a legacy with you.