Why I started a Beautycounter Business

Why I started a Beautycounter Business | Truth behind being a beautycounter consultant and how I make money

Want to know exactly WHY I joined Beautycounter as a consultant when I swore I would never do direct sales?

I swore on my dead grandmother and on all of your dead grandmothers that I would never ever ever EVER join a direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM) company. I saw many women go before me selling wraps and shakes and candles and everything else under the sun and they would call me asking me how I was doing and then before I knew it I was roped into a conversation about their “miracle” product that would change my life forever. They spent their nights hosting parties where they would guilt their friends’ friends into buying their snake oil. Their social media feeds became inundated with pictures of the products. Then after a couple of months trying to make it work, they would just quit. I was jaded by so many failed attempts to make a MLM business work for them. Then, like with most of my strong opinions, I was forced to eat my words.

What happened that changed my mind?

  1. I started to see women who were succeeding in direct sales

I started being exposed to some women who were succeeding at their MLM companies. I saw women who were earning the Red Jackets at Norwex, or the White Mercedes that Arbonne had to offer top performers, or getting all-expense paid vacations with all their hot Beachbody coach friends. The difference was, these women still had my respect. They were not burning bridges. They were providing value and they let our existing relationships stay the way they were without asking me to host a party (which made me WANT to host their parties).

2. I found out how much these women actually made

I always assumed these women made $500-$2,000 a month, if they were good. I assumed that they had to do these jobs because they were “just a stay at home mom.” Guys, remember I used to be really judgemental and the absolute worst person ever. Turns out some women make less than $500 a month in their business, especially when they are just starting out. But the women who commit to never quitting their business and working it every single day made $20,000+ PER MONTH. Not per year. Per month. PER MONTH! (This is based on numbers I learned from companies other than Beautycounter since I didn’t know about it at a time). Some more than that. They actually BUILD A BUSINESS. They use a product, created by someone else and build their own business selling it, team members and all. It is simple work where you show up every day and commit to it, but it takes hard work and commitment to get there. Now, I get why people start a business with MLM companies.

3. I discovered Beautycounter

Now while I totally get that you CAN make the big bucks with a direct sales gig, I was not interested in whoring myself out for the sake of a buck (or $20K). Watching women I respected succeed in this business and learning their salaries definitely opened my mind and willingness to give it a go if the right company ever came around, but I wasn’t going to do it for the sake of doing it (comment below if you can relate with this at all).

Then I discovered Beautycounter. I actually was really hesitant to try it at first. They specialize in creating SAFE products and I am someone who really cares more about a product’s effectiveness than it’s safety. Isn’t it the bad stuff that makes it work, after all? Sometimes that may be true. It may be cheaper and easier to use unsafe products to get high performing products, but their product development team is amazing and they WILL NOT release a product unless it is high performing (aka…it works REALLY WELL). So I eventually tried the products and something happened: I became brand loyal immediately. I ditched my other less safe (and many times less effective) makeup and skin care and completely switched over to Beautycounter products. I used them for a while as I considered partnering with them. Obviously, you know the end of the story: I joined and have been building a team of passionate women who want to build a business for themselves (and have a reason to buy all the skincare and makeup they could ever dream of).

Want to build an empire with Beautycounter, but don’t know where to start?

Consultants who join my team will have access to training and resources that will give them the tools they need to succeed. Reach out if you want more information.

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Why I became a Beautycounter consultant | Sarah Jean Knox | Helping Stay-at-home moms run businesses while running after their kids