8 Mother's Day gifts every new mom will LOVE!

As Mother's Day approaches, I am seeing more and more commercials for bouquets of fruit (wtheck) and heart-shaped necklaces (gag me!). Now, if you have a new mom in your life, let me tell you that while she is trying to eat healthy, she doesn't need a centerpiece of bananas and the small human attached to her hip will likely try to strangle her with that cliche piece of jewelry. Here are a few things I guarantee any new mom would love to receive:

1. Heart-Felt Card

Buy a fun, cute and unique card (like these), then sit down and write all of the things you love and appreciate about your babymama. Things that you may not think to tell her. Things more than I love you. Words are important to me, so my husband tells me weird things like, "I love your brain" or "I love that you read to our kids." They are more than just "you are pretty" (which he always tells me), but it gives me little flutters in my tummy every time he says something like that to me. Then, to receive an entire card of sweet nothings just gives me all of the good feelings. Tell her everything you love about her and thank her for the big things and the little things (like "thanks for buying the kind of bread I like").

2. Personal Shopper 

This new mom probably doesn't fit in most of the clothes she had prepregnancy, and heaven knows that shopping with a baby or any sort of child is not the same as it was before. Schedule an appointment with a personal shopper at your local Nordstrom and provide her with a gift card to purchase a new outfit. There are also online personal shopping sites like Stitchfix that will take a look at your wife's pinterest board and style 5 items specifically for them for a $20 styling fee (which can be used as credit to the clothes they send). Go to Stitchfix to find out more.

3. Day To Herself 

This is a low cost one. It may require asking for some help from a grandma or using a day of PTO so the kids are covered, but other than that, it's a big gift that's easy on the wallet. Here's what you do. Get her a Starbucks gift card and print off the movie listings and send her on her way. Here's a coupon you can use to give her:

4. Lingerie 

What?!? Lingerie? But my wife never wants to have sex!!! That may be true (give her a break, she's touched all day everyday). But lingerie doesn't always have to come with expectations. Paired with a heartfelt card, that sexy teddy can say, "You have had two babies, but you are a radiant and sexy woman." 

5. Anything from Anthropology


6. Cleaning Service 

Guys, if your wife is anything like me. Your house is constantly taking one step forward and two steps back. Between around the clock nursing and chasing a toddler, I don't have enough time in my day to keep up with the messes. I organize the hall closet, but that means the floors don't get vacuumed. My whole house is never clean at once. I would love to come home to a clean home where the kids are in bed and dinner is ready for me. Sites like Living Social and Groupon always have great deals on local cleaning services. 

7. Spa Day

This could mean anything from a whole spa package or just a pedicure. Pamper your love. She spends everyday taking care of her family, so give her a real special treat.

8. Something From the List She Gave You

Maybe your wife gave you a list of ideas... If so, this is an obvious but great place to start.

Best of luck in treating your new mom to a wonderful and thoughtful mother's day gift. Key word: THOUGHTFUL. 

Moms, what would you LOVE to receive for Mother's Day?