5 Items to buy Generic

5 items to buy generic | momming is hard

I'm a chipper chicken sort of gal, not always, but most of the time. I like to have money and, believe it or not, the best way to have money is to spend less of it when you can. Here are 5 items that I always buy generic.

1. Zip Sandwich Bags

I usually just call them ziploc bags, but then I realized that "Ziploc" is a brand that has taken over the zip sandwich bag industry so well that all zip sandwich bags are just referred to as "ziploc bags." I digress. I always purchase these in generic. Why? Because they are super duper disposable and no need spending money on something I am only going to throw away. "You can rinse them out and reuse them, you know." YES! I know that, but my mom and grandmother used to do that and it drove me nuts!! All these inside out, slightly wet ziploc *cough* I mean zip sandwich bags just littered around our kitchen. The cheaper the better for these. Those goldfish crackers are not going to escape from that generic zipper.

2. Baby Wipes

Okay, I have tried many brands of baby wipes: Huggies, Pampers, Honest Company, etc. I have found that my absolute favorite baby wipes are Target's Up&Up sensitive wipes. They are unscented and not too wet. Have you ever tried cleaning a poopy diaper with a wipe that is too wet? Its a messy hassle. So while, I may not recommend just ANY generic wipes, I do ALWAYS buy my wipes from Target's generic brand.

3. Medication

Why is brand name medication so much more expensive than generic? Seriously, why?? I can't figure it out. You can buy 32 tablets of Benadryl for $6 OR you can buy 600 tablets of generic allergy medication for $5 at Costco (bless you, Costco). We don't even have allergies in our house, but I had to get in on that deal! So if you need some, you know where to find me. I'm not spending more on ibuprofen, acetaminophen, stool softener (I've been pregnant a lot lately ... this is a big one for me) or anything else over the counter that comes in a generic brand when it does the same job. HUGE SAVINGS HERE!!

4. Pregnancy Tests

Listen to me, ladies. If you are trying to get pregnant or trying NOT to get pregnant, I know you are going through a gazillion pregnancy tests. I was an addict. I LOVE taking pregnancy tests. I would take them long before my body would be able to show I'm pregnant and I'd take them several times after finding out I was pregnant just to see that extra special line appear. I have a problem, I know. Did you know you can buy these SOBs at the DOLLAR STORE??!! WHAT? Yes! Go find a Clear Blue or a First Response and you'll easily pay $7 for one pregnancy test. Know what you pay for one at the Dollar Store? ONE DOLLAR! Cha-CHING! I'm not the only one who knows about this though, so they are often sold out, so my advice to you is to stock up on them when you see them there. They won't be fancy digital tests (which I hate by the way - I'll save that rant for another day), but the chemistry is the same and it will tell you whether or not your are growing a tiny human in your uterus. You. Are. Welcome.

5. Light Bulbs

Ugh! I hate even mentioning this because I give my husband such a hard time about him buying the cheapest lightbulbs on the face of the planet. He always buys them at Menards. He goes OUT OF HIS WAY to just get light bulbs. You know what though? Them bulbs be cheap. Maybe they aren't energy saving and won't last us through the zombie apocalypse, but they are cheap and save us major dough.

What do you ALWAYS buy generic? I need to know.