Day 2 Potty Training Update


Day 1 potty training was a success! She had two accidents, but many more successes. By the time my husband came home she could recognize that she had to go and asked him to help her and she made it in time!

It is always a process. We are no where near done, but I think it's going to stick this time. She is much more motivated by getting to wear underpants than her brother was so that is helpful. She takes her transition into being a "big girl" very seriously. I could not be more proud of her and her patience with herself and determination to not be a baby anymore.

Excuse me while I weep. Just kidding. I am not sentimental in the least, and the baby stage of life is not one I will miss. I'll look back on it fondly and always appreciate squishy baby thighs when I see them, but I won't miss being up in the middle of the night or changing diapers or nursing or cutting up food into a million tiny pieces. 
I live for this toddler/preschool stage of life and love watching every development that my kids make! They are so smart and curious and sweet. They work hard for the things they want and find joy in the ordinary. Yes there are tantrums and bad attitudes, but for the most part this stage of life is a the absolute best. I can't believe I get to be here for this every single day.

Okay, but I have a question for your experienced #pottytraining parents: how do you deal with night time training? My son (3.5) is still in pull ups at night and it feels like we'll never get out of them. Give me your best advice!