Day 1 Potty Training Cecilia


I'm a horrible potty trainer. The worst. I tried duel potty training my two kids a little over a year ago. For 10 days. I started with that "potty train your child in a day" crap, and 10 days later neither child was potty trained. Earlier this year my son was potty trained (still working on nights) and today I decided we'd try potty training this one. She just turned 2.5 last week and recently transitioned into her big girl bed with ease and cooperation. Today we are sitting in the bathroom all day with pretzels, juice and books to see if we can make it happen.

I don't know much about parenting, but I do know not to get cocky. Every child is different and achieves milestones at different paces. There is no one way or pace to potty train your child (despite what the "experts" will tell you). You must remain strong and diligent and focuses on successes instead of failures. Potty training is hard and frustrating and full of challenges. 
Today I'm approaching it with grace for my daughter, low expectations and I'm relying on God's strength go get me through.