Day 3 Potty Training Update


Day 3 potty training. In short, it's a challenge. I'm not child development specialist by any means, but I'm a mom and I can tell you that tantrums increase anytime a child (at least my kids) is learning a new skill. I get it! It's so frustrating when you are trying to learn something and aren't good at it yet. It must be even more frustrating when you are being told you have to do it by someone else. 

Grace is needed during these times. My daughter needs to be given grace as she makes her mistakes and attempts to learn from them. She needs to be given grace through some of her tantrums because she is frustrated and doesn't understand how to manage emotions like that yet! I need to be given grace for all of the ways I failed myself and my kids today.

Days like today, the ones filled with fighting and tantrums, can take a toll on your spirit and your energy. Take care of yourself and give yourself grace. You are not alone. Being a mom is a hard job, but you can do it even when it seems like your efforts are fruitless and it feels like you are failing. I'm cheering you on today.