Potty Training and other goal crushing endeavors


Potty training update. I am so proud of this girl. Yesterday she made it the entire day with dry underpants. She still needs to learn to tell me when she needs to go, but at least she goes when I ask her (after a couple minutes of fighting it...It's a process, people). As parents, or just as people for that matter, we work hard and long towards our goals. In the midst of it, it seems as though there is no progress. Everything we do is met with resistance, but we keep pressing forward, trusting that all of our efforts are going to pay off someday. This was a much needed reminder that it is so worth it. Have we completely arrived yet?! Absolutely not! We have weeks (probably months) to go before she is fully trained, but yesterday was a much needed glimmer of hope.

No matter what you are working towards, maybe it's a side business, or becoming stronger or maybe you are working on a specific character issue in one of your kids, keep at it. Even when it seems nothing you are doing is working, keep adjusting and trying and moving forward. You will get there and when you do, you will be so happy you put in the work. 

Write down your goals, break them down and crush them, but give yourself grace along the way because I promise you that nothing worth doing will feel easy.