Friday Introductions: Sarah Knox, Founder of @mommingishard

Sarah Knox | founder of momming is hard & @mommingishard

Hi, y'all. I'm a first-time participant in #fridayintroductions so bear (or is bare?) with me. I've seen some newer (to me) people joining in on my life of parenting and I thought I should probably throw an introduction in the mix.

I'm Sarah. My husband and I met in the second grade and spent a decade as friends and almost another decade together. We have 2 kids (3yo son and 2yo daughter) and live in a suburb outside of Minneapolis. During the day, I stay at home with my kids and I rock the #naptimehustlefor my business as a fundraising auctioneer (more at @sarahtheauctioneer if you are curious what the heck that means). Basically I get to throw on a gown, heels and a set of false lashes every Friday and Saturday during gala season and help people spend their money so other people can have access to clean water or a safe place to go when they are abused. Think Robin Hood with a gavel and heels. JK, I don't use a gavel.

I rarely post pictures of myself because I am painfully awkward in almost every picture (exhibit A). Like what the hell do you do with your hands? Dear lifestyle bloggers, I respect your work and admire your ability to look effortlessly cool and collected in all your images. I am a mom, so I'm usually behind the camera instead of in front of it, which I know I will regret one day, but until random strangers at the park start asking if they can photograph me with my children, it will probably stay that way.

On this account, I write about life and parenting. I also have a blog (link in bio), where I write longer form posts. Some helpful. Others snarky. I believe parenting has been made much harder than it has to be and I hope to connect with some of you on our similar struggles and joys in parenting.

My end goal is to encourage other moms by making them laugh and helping them feel less alone. So many of the struggles of motherhood are universal, but at the same time they aren't discussed which can feel isolating. Us mama's have to have each other's backs. I hope we can get to know each other better and encourage one another.

TELL ME ABOUT YOU: I want to know EVERYTHING! Your job, how you met your hubby, kids, passions, hobbies, etc!