5 Things Fridays: What I'm loving, wearing, reading and drinking this week

5 Things Friday | momming is hard

Welcome to my new Friday series where I will share what I loved this week. Inspired by literally anyone else who does this same sort of post. I would be an idiot if I assumed I was the first rocket surgeon to come up with this brilliant idea to share things I liked with people who may or may not care, but for the sake of not needing to bother my husband with it anymore, I share it with you!  

I'll share a mix of things I'm reading, drinking, eating, wearing, doing, like for me, like for the kids, etc. Basically just things I liked this week. Enjoy! 

Here are 5 Things I loved this week:

1. Paid Time Off/Holiday Weeks

This week we celebrated the 4th of July on a Tuesday, which meant all companies were closed on Tuesday, some generous companies were closed on Mondays, and people who work in ad agencies like my husband had Monday-Wednesday off. They do that when they pay you in vacation time, coffee (and beer) carts and rooftop concerts instead of real money like normal jobs. So because of this extended weekend, my husband has been home most of the week and it has been so amazing! We've had lots of family adventures and it has been a nice break for me to have a real life adult to talk to during the day. 

2. This Cold Shoulder Dress by Allison Joy*

I have been so obsessed with this dress since I bought it a couple weeks ago. I have it in black and I wear it nearly every day. I love how it dresses up for date night, but it passes the sneaker test (can I wear it with converse?) for my every day life of chasing toddlers round. The fit overall is just amazing. It is just so comfortable and flattering that it is an instant favorite. I will say that I wore it to church with some wedges and based on looks from people, it may have been too short to wear with heels to church. Oops. No regrets. You can't beat the $58 price tag on this either. Check it out and let me know in the omments which other color I should buy.

*affiliate link, but I'd share obsession with this brand and boutique for free

3. This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

"Do one thing everyday that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

4. This post by Sarah Bessey

Sometimes we werk werk werk werk werk, hoping for the big triumphant rewards, but somedays we just don't seem to be getting any closer to our goals and our dreams. Keep not quitting, as Sarah puts it. This was a breath of fresh air for me this week and I want to share it with you too! 

5. Black Cherry White Claw Spiked Sparkling Water

White Claw Sparkling Water

Has anyone else tried this? One of our Airbnb guests left it in our fridge when they left and I called "dibs!" It's technically a beer, I think. Don't quote me on that. It's not sweet or heavy and contains 5% alcohol. It's been a nice little refreshing summer beverage that isn't as sugary as white wine and contains less alcohol than say a G&T. Best news... it's technically low carb with just 4 carbs in it if you care about that kind of stuff, which I pretend to. Unless there is pizza around and then I'm all, "what are carbs?" Pretty much all our local liquor stores have it. This is my favorite flavor. 

*I have no association with this company other than I buy their stuff


What did you think of my first 5 Things Friday? 

Do you like any of the same things? I'd be interested if anyone has tried other flavors of White Claw. Let me know.

Don't forget to check out my favorite dress and help me decide if I should get it in another color (and which one you're getting)!