Embrace the tiny Sabbath moments


Sundays sometimes end up being the only day of the week we can get things done. You know, grocery shopping, cleaning, prepping for the week ahead. While I honor (and long for) a full Sabbath day, I'm happy for Sabbath moments. Moments where we stop doing and focus on just being. Being present. Being grateful. Being nothing but who God created us to be.

Sabbath is a remembrance that we cannot (and should not) strive to do everything on our own. When we stop and rest, does the world stop moving? Do we go hungry? We are sustained only by the one who created us. These moments of rest are a crucial reminder that we are not designed to do this life by our own efforts. 

Because of Jesus, we don't need to be legalistic about our day of rest. If we have to clean on a Sunday, He will not love us any less. We are fully loved and welcomed to the foot of the cross. Anytime and any day of the week. 

Even if your laundry is six baskets full and your kitchen sink is overflowing, find a minute or two to sit in silence to be grateful that your efforts and hard work aren't going to save us. Only Jesus can do that.