Good things take time + a Kombucha update


Home brew (kombucha) is a reminder to slow down in an instant gratification world. This batch was started 3 weeks ago and it's still not ready. It's drinkable, but it doesn't have the carbonation that makes kombucha so lovable yet. It took two weeks for it to ferment to the perfect tartness for my taste buds and now I have to wait.

All good things take time. The "perfect" body takes time. Developing a new habit takes time. Potty training takes time (can I get an "amen" from the mamas out there?!). Building a business takes time. Anything worth having takes time.

I spent 6 years working a side hustle while I worked full time at a job that I merely tolerated. Now that "side hustle" is my full time business that allows me to stay home with my kids while earning a full time income. I see so many of you working your booties off on whatever business you have (blog, beach body, personal assistant, young living, etc) and I am so proud. I love watching other women work hard on something so they can have the life they always dreamed of. I am cheering you on.

Just because it is moving slowly doesn't mean it isn't working. It just means that great things take time. Keep on keeping on, friends. It is so worth it. --------- Side note: this is why I don't make wine. Wine takes for freaking ever and I need my wine ready to go at any given point of the day. So, I'll stick with the 3 week process of brewing kombucha