Being strong for my daughter


I started exercising again yesterday. Like REALLY exercising. Since Cecilia's choking incident and my accompanying anxiety attacks last August, I have stuck with low impact exercise like walking and yoga for fear of overexerting myself.

I finally realized I wasn't doing myself any favors. I am by no means a #fitmom or someone who will ever build my whole life around fitness, but it is so important for me to be strong for my littles. Especially my daughter. So yesterday I picked up weightlifting again.

I'm not going to lie to you by saying "I care more about being strong than skinny" because honestly, I really want to be skinny. However I know being strong is what is necessary for the life I want to live. It is important for me to know that I can do hard things and it is important for me to model to my kids what it looks like to do hard things.

Getting strong is hard. Pushing my limits is hard. Facing my fears and moving past my anxiety is hard. Building a business is hard. Being honest about myself is hard. Hard is not bad. Hard is what brings real growth.

This daughter of mine is a spirited little lady. She is adventurous and lives to make others laugh. She is naturally strong. She also models everything I do. She uses the words I use, and makes the actions I make. Unless I stand for strong, she won't keep up her strength and sense of passion. That would break my heart.

Don't expect many posts on exercise. This is just a tiny thing that makes my life whole. It is not a passion or hobby or career of mine. I just want to show my daughter to be strong and obviously look like a super model too