When life isn't picture perfect


"Guys, look at mommy! Over here! Say cheese?! Just for one second. Pretty please?! Look at me!!!" Screw it.

Real life isn't picture perfect. Sometimes it is goofy and unflattering. And by sometimes, I mean usually. Sometimes we don't feel like smiling or we don't feel like putting on makeup or brushing our hair. Sometimes we feed our kids non organic hot dogs and Mac & Cheese for dinner...3 nights in a row. Some days we are ambitious boss babes who feel they can conquer the world and other days it's hard to even get out of bed, let alone "follow our dreams." Most days for most people are filled with self doubt and failure. Most moments are mundane.

I don't know who told us every moment had to be picturesque or each day extraordinary. Doesn't that dilute it? If everyday is extraordinary, then it just becomes the new ordinary. 
Some days should just be simple. Filled with nothing more than sitting with the people you love, doing a whole bunch of nothing. These are the moments on which relationships are built. 

No need to compare our blooper reel with everyone else's highlight reels.

Just slow down and enjoy yourself today.