On hobbies as work at home moms


"What are your hobbies?" Does anyone else choke when they get asked this question? Um, I'm a mom, so hobbies aren't a luxury I have. Does cleaning the kitchen 5 times a day count as a hobby? How about pinning recipes I'll never actually make? 

As a #wahm, any moment that is not given to my kids is given to my business. The evenings I need to relax and let my mind be melted by the television because my brain and body have been on since 6:00am each morning. I don't have time or energy for real hobbies. Hobbies take time and money. All the time and money I used to have for hobbies are now budgeted for the tiny humans that I grew myself (is that a hobby?). Despite my lack of time and energy for hobbies, my husband, who is a home beer brewer, encouraged me to get into making my own kombucha. Not as a way to save money (because I never bought that much kombucha in the first place) but as something to call my own. He saw my life being poured out into my kids and him and my business and some days I would just feel lost. Like there was nothing that was just mine. Enter kombucha.

It's the perfect hobby because it's a set it and forget it hobby. I brew a gallon of sweet tea, let it cool, add some bacteria and set it in my cabinet for a week or two while it ferments. I hardly have to do anything, yet it is a hobby of my very own. 

It's important for us to have stuff that is just ours. Whether it is a quiet place to read or some sort of exercise routine where your body belongs to no one but yourself. 
While our kids are growing up, we need to have things that are ours and define who we are outside of being a mom so that when they are grown and gone, we won't feel so lost.

Do you have any hobbies that you do to keep you sane?

Take care of yourself, mama!