Our new porch table and toddlerdome


This week we took our dining room table out of our dining room and brought it into the porch. I sanded it, primed it and repainted it with chalkboard paint, turning it into a game table. 
People keep asking me what we'd do for a dining table now and the answer is that I don't know.

As a family we exclusively eat at our kitchen table and we host very casual get togethers so we never used the table when it was in our dining room. In fact, we've used it more in our porch over the past couple days than we have in the last year. 

This is our stage of life. Toddlerdome is a time where play and reigns and all formality goes out the windows. We often eat off plastic dinnerware and enjoy simple meals. There are matchbox cars and board books nestled in every nook and cranny in our home and the windows proudly wear tiny handprints. 

As I write this, my child is eating leftover pringles off the floor. So as you can see, we have no need for a formal dining room. We need space to play and create and explore. 

I look forward to the memories that will be made around this table. It will be worn from the weather and sticky hands, but it will be free from formality and open to all.