For those of you still waiting to feel like a grown up

There are no grown-ups...Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently - Pamela Druckerman | mommingishard

Has anyone written the book "What To Expect When You Don't Know What The Hell Is Going On" yet? I'd buy it. I'm still waiting for that moment when all the mommy wisdom will infiltrate my brain. I wish it would come soon because I have two kids and I don't even know when I should take them to the doctor for a cough or when they're "fine, it's just a cough." There's such a fine line between "meh, you're fine" and "you are dying and I should have taken you in so much sooner!" When do we start to know these things? 

I know nothing, like less than John Snow. I'm literally living on a prayer over here. I see other moms who seem to have all the answers and know how to handle every wrench that gets thrown in her day, while I'm over here piecemealing lunches for my kids with random shit from the back of the fridge. Strawberry Jell-O? Sure! Why not? Snap pea crisps? Definitely counts as a vegetable serving for the day. I'm still waiting for the moment of clarity where I'll know what to do when my kid is having too much fun spinning and then whacks his head on a corner of the piano, or when I will know how to get red wine stains out with cool ingredients that I always have on hand anyway. 

But here I am, unequipped but ready to step up each and every day and handle the challenges that face me like a freaking gladiator (definitely in the Olivia Pope sense). Everyday, I am reminded that Jesus said "my grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness." And let me tell you, my weaknesses are big, so I'm leaning into this grace thing and expecting perfection.