Don't fear failure, fear not trying


You can choose to have regrets or you can choose to have stories in your life. Anything you do, whether you succeed or "fail" becomes apart of who you are. It shapes your future and builds your character. I put "fail" in quotes because the only way to fail in my book is to not try.

The other night when I was making an ass of myself singing karaoke, my husband noted that there was a woman at the bar who loudly commented on how embarrassing it was that I chose a song I didn't know all the words to. But you know what, she was sitting there, eating her weight in Chinese food (which was a lot, btw) and not even brave enough herself to pick a song to sing. She was content sitting on the sidelines, passing judgement on the people who loved themselves enough to have fun even if they looked silly. Will she have regrets about not singing? Maybe not, but at least I know I won't.

Do you know the story from the Bible about the parable of the Talents? You know, where the boss gives his people some cash and one guy buries it in the ground out of fear that he might lose it, but the other two dudes invest it and make money on it. The boss is so disappointed in the guy who buried it because he didn't even TRY to invest it. He was crippled by fear and didn't fully use the money he'd been given.

It is the same for you, my friend. God has given you gifts that only you have. He did not give them to you to hide out of fear and insecurities. God expects you to use your gifts to the fullest. Find ways to use your gifts and talents. You will regret it if you don't.