What is this thing they call brunch?


Do I brunch? Me? (Uncontrollable laughter here) No, my brunching days our behind me. This morning, I scarfed a cup of coffee in record time in attempt to fuel up before the gremlins arose from their peaceful slumber so they could ask me to do things for them that they can do on their own. Then I changed 5 bazillion poopy diapers and finally got to that big pile of laundry and then spent naptime writing new resources for my auction clients. No time for bottomless mimosas and French toast over here.

While I feel a tiny tinge of jealousy when I scroll through my Instagram feed and see perfectly posed pictures of Bloody Mary's and avocado toast, I wouldn't trade my chaotic yet low key mornings with my family for a million brunches. These days are my life and my greatest joy. Someday, I will be able to brunch again, but I won't get to have these tiny chubby and and cheeks to keep me company forever.