Be a whole-assing mom


Yesterday, I asked one of my kids to do something and their response was "but I'm too busy!" My heart sank. Where the hell did they even hear that? Holy crap! From my mouth! My busy and distracted mouth.

Last month I tried a new initiative with my business that had me working around my kids way more than I am comfortable with. This completely goes against my reason for having a business in the first place. My kids and husband are my number 1 priority and I don't want anything to get in the way of that. It is a constant challenge as a #wahm to get off her phone and stop doing business.

For me, balance means keeping it separate. Multi-tasking is just another way of saying you can half-ass two or more things things at the same time. Good for you, but I'm a whole-asser with my kids and I'm a whole-asser with my clients and business so it needs to remain separate.

Find ways to separate your business from time with your family. Get a sitter, utilize naptime, or cut out an hour of your evening TV time (gasp!). I want my kids and husband to know that when they are with me, they have my full attention. Put down your phones. In fact, get an old school watch and put your phone in the other room with "do not disturb" turned on. If you want your phone to ring when your husband or mom calls, set that up in their contact settings, but ignore anyone else. Nothing is actually urgent. Look your kids in the eyes and pretend to be a dinosaur like the whole-assing mom you are.