Do the work but leave the results up to God


I'm an ESFP which means I experience bursts of energy and the highest of highs full of ideas, passion and the ambition to get it done. It also means that when I meet the tiniest bit of adversity, it is enough to stop me in my tracks and give up. The doubts and fears consume me until they feel crippling. The day before I was "the most sought after auctioneer in the world" and the next day, I am "not destined for this career and should give up before anyone finds it I'm a fraud." Or one day "I'm an energetic and patient mother," while the next day "I'm doing everything wrong and my kids will be in therapy for years if they don't kill themselves with drug addictions first." I'm not making this up. This is how it goes for me. It helps that I recognize this about myself because the tiny little rational part of me can talk me off the ledge, and when that doesn't work (per usual), my husband does it for me.

The truth is that it doesn't really matter what my abilities are or how I feel. I have been called to this great purpose (of motherhood and of inspiring generosity) and I am responsible to keep trucking along with the small but powerful efforts day in and day out. God has a plan for the passions he's given me and will take them where they need to go.


Whatever your doubts and fears may be, ignore them and keep moving forward. God has a plan for the passions he has put on your heart and will see them through to the finish line if you let Him. You've got this, mama.