Ikea with Toddlers and getting ready to transition into a big girl bed

Going to ikea with a 2 year old and a three year old | momming is hard

You guys, I went to Ikea yesterday... With a two year old and a three year old. By myself.

I sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes contemplating if it was actually a good idea to go in and eventually conjured enough courage.

I used ice cream as their reward if they could be especially good listeners when we were inside (which unfortunately they did not earn), but they did... Okay. We made it with no tantrums or fights, and we left with the bed we came for.

A year ago this trip would have been impossible, but everyday life gets easier with these two (not easy enough to compel me to have another, for the record), and everyday they get closer and become a greater joy.

The bed we picked up was for my sweet (and spicy) two year old. We are going to start her in her very own big girl bed and work on potty training this next week or so.

I am the worst potty trainer and she is so different from my son, so please share your best tips/advice for the potty training and the transition to the big girl bed! It takes a village, people!