big kid bed

First day transitioning our toddler to her "big girl" bed

Today was the transition into her big girl bed.

With her brother, we used the Time to Wake Clock to get him to stay in bed. For her, I'm using a donut as a reward, because... donuts!! This morning we went to Target and picked out her bedding and a special pillow for her bed. The pom pom pillow is the one she insists using to support her head so I'm sure she'll wake up with some wicked pillow marks on her face tomorrow.

My Experience transitioning my Toddler to a Big Kid Bed

My Experience transitioning my Toddler to a Big Kid Bed

Like pretty much every big transition, I was dreading the transition to a big boy bed because I knew it would interrupt my sleep. Sleep is very important to me. Like super important. One night of poor sleep will turn me into a bat shiz psycho lady who can't finish her sentences. So I put it off and put it off - the same way I'm still putting off potty training (is it Karma that made me pee a little while sneezing in the middle of typing that sentence?). For the first month, we had him sleep in his pack and play mostly because with the Holidays we knew we'd be putting him down at other people's homes a lot and didn't want him to get too confused.