I'm back and totally not "doing it all"


I so want to be one of those women you see on the internet who DOES IT ALL. You know - all of the the things. She raises well-behaved children, runs a successful business out of her home on top of maintaining a blog that encourages women while generating income for her family. Her house is clean and organized and looks like an anthropolgie ad. She actually has six-pack abs (you know it from her instagram account) and makes healthy balanced Whole30 meals for her entire family every night and her kids LOVE it. She always has her hair curled and make up on (but not too much make up, just enough to make her look refreshed without seeming to try too hard). On top of all this she is an active servant in her church AND reads her Bible, journals and prays on the reg. 

I SO want to be this woman. Basically if you look at my list of goals for 2016, you could sum them up to say: be better - be THAT woman. To be honest, being two weeks into the new year, I am struggling. I am barely hanging on. I am worn and I am tired and I am failing at being the woman who "does it all." 

This is me almost usually

This is me almost usually

There's the logical smart woman part of me that knows there's no such thing as "doing it all" or "having it all," but then there's that critical meanie pants part of me that tells me I have to do it anyway. I have to be fit and healthy AND have a clean house AND have well-behaved children all the time AND be a successful businesswoman AND be a quiet and gentle spiritual example AND make creative meals for my whole family AND be an energetic sex kitten AND be an encouragement and servant to all those around me. Before I hit the end of typing that list, I feel the urge to crawl inside a hole and never get out. 

So in 2016, I'm back because momming is hard

Momming is in fact hard. Especially in the age of social media where we are expected to be all things to all people and if we aren't we are some how less than. The fact is, we can only be who we are with the gifts we are given to the family we were given. We are given grace to help with the rest. 

Why I took a break:

1. MAINLY because in August we put our house on the market and between the craziness of moving with an infant and a toddler and just the emotional stress of not being able to control anything, I just could not even. 

2. But also because I wasn't sure what my goal was for writing. Would I be motivational? Would I give tips and tricks? Would I share recipes? Is there even a point if I'm not the best, funniest, most thoughtful entertaining writer? And then I needed to tell my head to shut up. So in my attempt for a grace-filled and intentional 2016, I am picking up again, because I enjoy it and I don't have to have that all figure out yet.

What you can expect from me:

Transparency. Although I don't have a real goal or idea of what this blog is to me or to anyone who reads it, I do know I want to be real and honest in what's hard an what's awesome. I don't want to shy away from where there are real struggles, but also don't want to focus only on struggles because I think it is very dangerous to spend too much thought and energy on what is negative. I will share what I struggle with so that I may encourage others, but I will also share things that worked for me without claiming that they will work for everyone. 

Is there anything you'd like to see me include on Momming Is Hard?

Comment below with any requests of what you'd like to see more or less of on this site. What would encourage you or be helpful to you as you try to figure out this clown show we call MOTHERHOOD?