The Terribly Fun Twos


Last Sunday, our family graduated from the "Two Under Two" Club. At the stroke of 12:15am, Titus turned two. Now, my husband and I just look at each other in shock and awe and we wonder how the heck we ended up with a two year old! What the what? You mean those passing days actually make time change?

While, this stage of life is normally coined the "Terrible Twos," I refuse to believe it nor will I live in fear of tantrums. I have a whopping 5 days of experience as a mom of a two year old so clearly I'm the most qualified person ever. Henceforth, I will be referring to this stage of life as the "Terribly Fun Twos." Yes, I could have come up with a better alliteration where the middle word also started with a T, but frankly I just don't care that much. Alliterations are overrated.  

Let's talk about the "Terribly Fun Twos" for a minute. What I've learned in my almost full week of parenting a two year old (and from observing other tiny humans at this age), is that the same thing that makes them "terrible" also makes them completely awesome. 

They are Independent

This can seem bad because they sometimes don't want to do what you think they should do and may throw a tantrum.

This is awesome because they can do more things on their own like eat with utensils or they can play by themselves for a few minutes so you can poop in peace. It also means they will take initiative in the things that interest them which will allow you to get to know them better with every new thing they encounter and you will get a peek into their sweet little mind.

They are verbal

This can seem bad because they can express when they disagree with you on things like nap time or food preferences.

This is awesome because they share their thoughts and imagination. They are learning about the world around them and can't wait to share it with you. Crouch down, get on their level and listen to what they have to say to you even if you can only understand 60% of their words because they are sharing their heart. Also, have you listened while a two year old played alone in their room? They are awesome and make up the sweetest things ever. 

They are curious

This can seem bad because they will want to see if their matchbox car can float in the toilet (the jury is still out on that one) or test to see if flour tastes as amazing as powdered sugar (spoiler, it doesn't).

This is awesome for about a gazillion reasons like they will try to see if their matchbox car can float in the toilet and they will put their chubby fist straight in the flour and then spit it on the floor once they realize it's not powdered sugar. You will look at them in amazement at their goofy actions and scoop them up and give them all of the kisses, because the world is new to them and they want to know everything. 

I have 360 more days to go with a two year old (and then 3 months later my other tiny person will turn two and I get to do it all over again), and I couldn't be more excited. Bring on the terrible and bring on the fun. I'm ready for it all and so looking forward to getting to know my son better.