Trying to Sell Our Home With Littles: Tired & busy with a pinch of madness


My apologies for the hiatus. Also forgive me for assuming you cared. For the sake of my opening sentence, I'll pretend you do. So, thank you for caring and I'm sorry I have been offline (sort of) the past several weeks. What happened, you ask? Well, we decided we wanted to be insane people and attempt to sell our home while we are still a family with two under two. Again, this is all because we are nutballs.  

A little while back, my main squeeze and I were sitting on our new beautiful deck, drinking Jameson Gingers (I'd post a recipe, but really it's one part Jameson Whiskey and one part Ginger Ale... or at least that's how I make it), and talking about our gorgeous back yard that over looks a pond and a park. As I sipped (read: gulped) my drink, I mentioned off hand, "You know, sometimes I think we should sell this house." Then he said, "Me too." And that was that. Our house was on the market 3 days later. 

So the past several weeks have consisted of me not cooking and constantly cleaning. Living in your house while it's on the market is the worst. Do you remember the time back when you were new in a relationship and you still wanted to impress them so your breath always had to be fresh and your legs always had to be shaved? It was exhausting and the worst, right? Well, this is almost like that but times infinity because cleaning is no fun and toddlers have this very special game they like to play called "make a mess everywhere fast" which makes keeping a clean and organized home very challenging.

The whole process is an emotional roller coaster. People come into your house and look at everything you did to make it your home and then they judge it. Then they have the nerve to point out all the crappy things about your house. Yeah, people, I know, why do you think I'm moving? But seriously, this is a great house with a killer yard and if it were closer downtown and my parents we'd stay here forever. And by "forever" I mean until our kids go to college and we finally jump on the tiny home bandwagon. 

We've had lookers and we've had offers, but nothing worth moving for. We are trusting that God will work out the timing perfectly and put us exactly where he wants us. My posts will likely remain infrequent until we get past this stage of life, but I will definitely share what I've learned in the process so it can help anyone else crazy enough to attempt moving with littles.