Mommy's Day Off


Some of you may have seen on my instagram that on Friday I had wine with lunch. How is that different than any other day, you ask?* Let me start from the beginning.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on Mother's Day Gifts, and as it turns out, my husband reads my blog. So on Mother's Day, I walked out of my bedroom to find freshly brewed coffee, fresh cut lilacs that my toddler stole from my neighbor's yard, and a card that contained a "to do" list. Now, what you need to know about my husband, is that nothing gets his blood pumping (if you know what I mean) like checking something off his "to do" list. So to him, a "to do" list is the ultimate gift. Before you get all mommy-judgey towards my husband, let's take a quick look at the list he gave me:

Mother's Day To-Do List:

Treat myself, I did. And it was sooooo GOOD!

Treat myself, I did. And it was sooooo GOOD!

  1. Tell husband to take a day off work; any day
  2. Get Breakfast (nothing from home)
  3. Upgrade self: nails, massage, trainer, whatever
  4. Go to a movie
  5. Get as pretty as you want
  6. Go out for dinner


And that was it. 

So Friday was my big day where my hubby had a SAHD (stay at home dad) day, and I spent the day getting in and out of my car without having to touch a single carseat. It was Magic. I chose Friday because, Thursday night I had my last Auction of the spring fundraising season (I'm an auctioneer btw... yeah, it's as cool of a job as it sounds) and I wanted to kick off my summer with a bang. Now, I will give you a comparison of how my normal day looks, versus how Friday looked:

Note: I left out about 15 toddler meltdowns on my "normal day" since I didn't have room left.

Note: I left out about 15 toddler meltdowns on my "normal day" since I didn't have room left.

So, yeah. That was my day and it was awesome! Also, if you haven't seen Pitch Perfect 2, I will tell you it is worth seeing. I keep my expectations low for sequels, but they did a great job with this one. Get ready to laugh. Full disclosure: the glass of wine at lunch may have helped this out a bit.

Well, mamas, I hope you get a "day off" to recharge sometime soon. Feel free to forward the link to your husband as a passive-aggressive hint. And, now that I'm back to reality, I am going to tackle the 7 (SEVEN) loads of laundry I have waiting for me. Let the day dreaming begin.

*I do not normally drink wine with lunch. Just on my day off...and on my birthday, and sometimes on Saturdays.