Welcome to Uffda: momming is hard

Hi dear friends,

Thank you for visiting. Let me introduce myself. I am Sarah, a mom of two babes (currently 3 months and 18 months). Before I entered motherhood, I always knew this is what I was meant to do. Then I had my first baby and it totally confirmed it. Then, I had my second baby and...

SHIZ HIT THE FAN!! Big time. Maybe it was a mix of postpartum hormones and having two babies under 16 months old, but all of a sudden my totally cool and relaxed momness decided to run off and be replaced with crazy and tired and "I can't talk good" momness. I shouldn't feel this way because I have easy babies. Like really easy. They like to eat and they sleep during the night and are awake during the day for the most part. What more could anyone ask for?? NOTHING! They are total perfection and I love being their mom more than life itself.

The thing is: momming is harder than it looks. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm the only one who gets overwhelmed before I even have a chance to make coffee. Maybe I'm the only one who cries because my toddler doesn't seem to want to play with me. Maybe I'm the only one who binge eats during nap time to deal with the stress. Maybe I'm the only one who considers going to Target without littles a vacation. Maybe. But probably not.

Maybe you feel you are alone in this and you are wondering why all these moms on Pinterest are able to raise 15 kids while homeschooling and still find time to make snow globes out of mason jars while you can't remember if you brushed your teeth today. You are not alone. Did I brush my teeth? No, seriously...did I?

You are a wonderful mother. The fact that you worry about whether or not you are a good mother proves that you are a great mother. Your babies love you more than you will ever know. If you want to feel normal, come visit with me. It will calm your nerves.