Don't let what you don't know hold you back


Did you know a woman will only apply for a job when she feels she meets 100% of the qualifications, but I man will apply when he meets as little as 60% of the required qualifications? No wonder there are more men in higher roles! They ignore their lack of qualifications and just go for it.

As women, we can be so hard on ourselves. We are always waiting until we are more ready or until we know more. We love a sense of security so we like to see the whole picture and know something will work out before we go after something.

Let me tell you something. Very rarely will you ever see the whole picture unless of course someone started what you meant to and finished it themselves while you were sitting there waiting to be ready. Usually what you don't know will actually be your greatest asset because you will bring new ideas to the table and be open to innovation. You will also watch yourself rise to the occasion and find success.

What are you afraid to do for fear of not being qualified? Are you thinking about trying for another baby or do you want to start your own business as a virtual assistant or maybe one of your Beachbody friends keeps asking you to become a coach and you don't know if you could be successful. How will you ever know until you try? If it doesn't work out, so what?! At least you will know. You will banish that heavy "what if" that is weighing down your heart. Take the first step and the second will reveal itself to you.

Chances are you will actually succeed.