On slowing down and seeing the magic around you


This morning I woke up again with horrible back and shoulder pain. My kids were awake by 6:00 and there was no going back. PBS Kids parented my children for a good hour while I did some yoga to stretch out the area in pain and enjoy a cup of coffee while getting in the word. By 10:00, we were all antsy! We had been up for 4 hours and yet it was only freaking TEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!

We hopped in the car and set off for wherever our mood took us. Most of us still in our PJ's.

Driving always settles our moods so after a while we ended up at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge where we walked trails and explored our world. We saw several wild turkeys and a handful of mice who are much cuter skittering across a nature trail than they are when we find them in our basement.

Days like this make me feel so grateful to be home with these kiddos. I get to encourage them to explore our world and join them as they take it all in with awe and wonder. It is truly my greatest joy.

Some days are hard. But that's life, isn't it? We have to do hard things sometimes. I wouldn't trade a single day with these kids. I cherish each moment. It's important to slow down and notice the magic going on around us. There are so many extraordinary moments in the every day activities we have as stay at home or work at home moms.

I hope we never take a second of it for granted.