That time a potential client told me I was "too young"...

momming is hard

Maybe not the "World's Best Auctioneer," but I'm certainly "One helluva Auctioneer."

This month I celebrate my 10 year anniversary as being an auctioneer. When I was sitting in class at auction school they told us that only 5% of people who attend auction school will still be working in the industry 10 years later. I am proud to not only be in the industry, but to have built a business that I'm proud of as a fundraising auctioneer where I have gotten to work with hundreds of nonprofits, schools and organizations to raise millions upon millions of dollars to make this world a better place.

Even after 10 years and hundreds of happy clients, some haters are still going to hate.

Today I met with a potential client who asked me "What else do you do for a job?" Assuming that I could not possibly do this full time. This is a question that no one would have ever asked a male colleague. The same gentleman later told me I "looked too young" and trust me when I say he did not mean it as a compliment. I walked away from that meeting hurt and mad. Mad at him for being a dick, but mostly mad at myself for protecting his feelings after asking me such a stupid question and for taking my youthful demeanor and joyful spirit as a sign of inexperience.

As women and entrepreneurs we will always be too young/old/fat/skinny/black/white/gay/straight/ugly/pretty for someone. I will tell you that THESE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE. These are not the people who get to determine what gifts you are qualified to use well. So f*ck 'em.

God has gifted each of us in a unique way so that He may be glorified. He does not have limits on those gifts saying that you should be a certain age or weight or gender or race to use them. Use what God gave you and let him be glorified. Ignore the haters and move forward with confidence. There will be other jobs and other clients who you will be perfect for and God will use you and your unique gifts and skills and experience to rock their world.

So to the guy who thought I was too young, have fun reaching your up and coming millennial donor base with your old school views.