Weekends and avoiding the trap of "busy"

momming is hard


Weekends are my jam. Nate has so much PTO and we don't have any big vacays planned so he has been taking random Fridays off so we can extend our weekends and enjoy time as a family. It has been aaahhhmaaazing! 

This Monday has me in a daze and all I want to do is lounge and play the day by ear. But alas, life does not stop in the summer and I have client calls, meals to make and a home to tend to and I can't think of a better day than Monday to get shiz done!

I avoid the trap of "busy" at all costs. Does anyone else feel like busy is worn like a badge of honor. "How are you?" "Busy!" But how much do we *really* have to do? 

If we are busy, let it be with exploring with our little, enjoying long conversations with our best friends and enjoying delicious meals with our spouse! Don't let your home fall apart and make sure your kids are fed, but slow down and enjoy life today as much as possible. 

Let go of busy and embrace being present.