Saturday brunch with my beautiful sister

Brunch at Tilia with my sister | momming is hard

Brunch with my little sister. She is the queen of brunch and is taking advantage of every Saturday before she decides to have some babies of her own. We went to a little local favorite down by my favorite lake and ate too much delicious food which we obviously washed down with mimosas. Followed by a shopping trip to my favorite boutique to pick up some new swing dresses to get me through the summer.

I crave these times of carefree living.

I love love LOVE being a mom, sometimes I need to take 3-4 hours to just bomb around with a sister or friend so I can have uninterrupted conversation and champagne.

I was able to come home refreshed and excited to see my tiny humans as soon as they are up from their naps. The played hard with my hubby at the park so I anticipate having a few more quiet moments to myself.

What do you do when you don't have the kids? Also, can I join you next time?